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Are you sick and tired of DIY home renovations that are never completed?

Or do you know your home is in desperate need of refreshment, but the whole renovation process seems so daunting?

Where do you start?

Your home is your largest and most valuable asset and a Home Renovation should be about more than just the building. The team will partner with you to manage all the details – big and small:

  • Surfaces and finishes, corners and levels (that’s a given).
  • Noise levels (so you don’t annoy the neighbours) with decent start and stop times.
  • Dust management (so your valuables are protected).
  • Rubbish removal (so your house doesn’t look like the local tip).
  • Family pets (it’s their home too).

a young couple using paint rollers to a paint wall green as part of their home renovations

Whatever your renovation needs, Inhouse can help. From bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and outdoor entertaining areas, you’re in expert hands. Quality products, excellent workmanship and a competitive price, make Inhouse your first choice.

You can be assured that:

  • All the In-house tradies and consultants are qualified and adhere to the highest professional standards.
  • All work carried out is covered by insurance.
  • Your happiness is our priority and every step of the renovation journey is explained to you until you are comfortable to continue.
  • Want to learn more, or even if you’re just curious as to whether you should consider renovating, contact In House Renovations today for a no-strings, obligation free chat.

Home Renovation Tips To Transform Your Space

If you’re looking for some easy, do it yourself ways to transform your space, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing. Start with one, or choose from several to transform your space and make it work for you.


Those boring walls can become far more interesting if you take the time to paint them. Don’t just go with plain and boring, take the time to choose a paint color and sand the walls and pain them right. It only takes a few minutes to make the walls ready for paint and you’ll find that it can really transform your room.

If you’re unsure of how to paint, watch a few videos on it or ask at your local do it yourself store on tips and tricks to make this the best paint job ever. You can give your room an entirely new look when you paint the walls. It’s not that expensive and you can usually get it all done in a weekend. Of course a local professional domestic painter can do a great job for you so you don’t have to get your hands dirty!

Paint The Floor

If you have a boring floor but can’t afford to redo the flooring, consider painting your floor. Floor paint isn’t that expensive and you can make designs on it and geometrics and create an all-new look.

Whether you want to go bold or just go with something that matches your home you can do it with floor paint. Your room will look great and you can do this in a weekend.

Paint The Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are boring or drab, consider painting your kitchen cabinets. You can go with any color and give your kitchen an entirely new look and appeal. Just remember to remove the hardware first and you’ll be well on your way to a new and inviting looking kitchen.

Choose a paint that’s easy to wipe clean and have a bit of gloss to it for a good look. You’ll find that as long as the cabinets are structurally sound you can paint them and give your kitchen an entire makeover in a weekend. To prepare cupboards, use a good cleaner and some sandpaper and then you’re ready to paint.

Window Treatments

Windows can be amazing when you want to see out or in, however, there are times that you need a window treatment. Here are a few ideas to get you going. Consider affordable blinds awnings and shutters that Australian homes typically use. You can open or close the shutters with ease and still have privacy.

It lends a lovely look to any room decor and you can paint the shutters to match any decor of your choice. Shutters can be purchased pre-made, or if you have the tools and the wherewithal, you can make them yourself. This is another great weekend project.

Glass Shower Screens

There’s nothing more dull and boring than a shower door that is old, outdated, and dingy. Glass Shower Screens offer you the best of both worlds. They’re clean and easy to use and most are easy to install.

If you’ve never before tried such a task you can find a lot of instructions online, in videos and at home improvement stores. Most of these are frameless so you won’t have to worry about any special tools to install them and they can give the bathroom an entirely new look.

Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for the ultimate in climate control, this may be your answer. Ducted air conditioning offers you a great solution for your air conditioning in the summer months. You can easily control your home’s temperature at the touch of a button.

Most offer you up to 6 different zones so you can adjust the comfort level in up to 6 rooms of your home with ease. You won’t have to worry about any hot spots or cold spots when you make this one of your space transformations. There are a variety of systems to choose from and you can find a style for every home size.

Kitchen Splashbacks

If you’re updating your kitchen, get a new glass backsplash and you’ll be very happy. if you feel out of your comfort zone with tile splashbacks, you can also opt for a single sheet of a solid surface material.

All you have to do is shape it and cut it and then put it up. Installation is easy and you can choose from a variety of methods to install it. This is an especially good update if you’ve also opted to paint your kitchen cupboards and even the walls. It can give your kitchen a completely new look.

Whether you choose one or more of the home renovations we’ve gone over here your home will look lovely and reflect an entirely new look. Transforming your home with these easy renovations can be done in just a weekend.


One of the more obvious benefits associated with choosing landscaping for your garden is the visual appeal you can enjoy throughout the year. However, there happen to be a number of other advantages in regards to garden landscaping that you may not be aware of.

beautiful english themed garden

Energy Conservation

Many homeowners are aware that a garden that has been landscaped by expert landscape contractors and gardeners is able to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. This is due to the fact that during winter months the shrubs, grass, hedges and trees are able to protect the home from harsh winds, while taking advantage of the winter-sun. In summer the hedges and trees are able to absorb heat, while helping to maintain a cooler home.

A Home For Wildlife

Adding hedges, trees, plants, grass and shrubs to a landscaped garden has the ability to attract wildlife like squirrels, insects and birds. If you add in any extras such as a bird table into your garden you are able to attract more animals. Natural landscapes are a haven for a number of wildlife species as it provides a natural food supply and shelter from a number of predators.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

Property experts and estate agents always advise that well-landscaped gardens are able to increase the current value of a home in a dramatic way. In many cases a beautiful garden is able to increase your home’s value in more ways than a newly decorated kitchen or bathroom can. For this reason it is definitely worthwhile to hire a landscaping contractor before you decide to put your home on the market.

Environmental Benefits Of A Managed Landscape

• Natural Coolant

Grass is far cooler when compared to cement or asphalt. It performs like a type of “air-conditioner” for the surrounding areas. A lawn is in fact around 31 degrees cooler when compared to a material such as asphalt and about 20 degrees cooler when compared to bare soil. In addition, shade from trees can decrease the temperature in your attic by 40 degrees.

• Environmental Cleaner

Grass also play an important role in the way of capturing smoke and dust particles along with other types of pollutants. It also produces a significant amount of oxygen.

• Water Protector

A healthy lawn has the ability to absorb runoff that is unhealthy that might filter into other water bodies.

• Air Cleaner

Grass readily absorbs carbon-dioxide which it breaks down to carbon and oxygen. A 50′ x 50′ lawn is able to produce sufficient amounts of oxygen for a family of up to 4 people.

• Noise Reduction

Plants, shrubs and grass dramatically decreases noise pollution by around 20 to 30 percent compared to harder surfaces such as pavements and concrete.

Even in the locations that experience drought and water restrictions, it is vital that landscapes and lawn stay a component that is highly viable within healthy communities. Today there are various practices that are sustainable that allow for managed landscapes and lawns to decrease water usage while at the same time offering vital environmental benefits.

Is An Automated Garden Watering System Right For Your Gold Coast Home?

Owning a home is an integral part of the Australian dream. You get to put down roots, probably in a neighborhood, but certainly on your own land. Whether it’s a starter home or your forever home, you’re likely going to be where you’re at for quite some time, hopefully years to come. You get to customize your residence to fit your needs, dreams, ideals, and lifestyle, and you get to do so without throwing away money every month to rent or leasing. You’re either clawing your way towards having a home that is paid off, or at least increasing your equity to use later.

There’s more to caring for and enjoying your home than just the interior though. You likely want to take good care of the land surrounding it. While some homeowners just let things go totally natural, this can lead to a very cluttered look that isn’t always appealing. In fact, unchecked natural growth can invite in unwanted pests and animals and possibly even let plants grow to the point they start messing with your home’s foundation, gutters, or walkways and windows. Maintaining landscaping goes a long way towards coming home to something that looks great on the outside, perhaps giving you an outdoor space for you or your kids to enjoy.

Choosing the right layout and plants are keys to a great yard area, but then they might need watered on a regular basis in order to stay alive, much less healthy. This is particularly true if you live in a region prone to droughts or you have chosen to plant vegetation that is not native to the area and not used to climate more arid than where it is natively from.

You can water things on your own from time to time, but gauging how much water to use is very hard to eyeball, and the task is also time-consuming. An automated garden watering system might be just the thing that lets you make sure your garden plants get the moisture they need without you have to worry about checking on them all the time. That’s very beneficial when you travel or even when you’re not home much during the week. For more information about maintaining your gardens in tip top shape contact the team at Gold Coast Irrigation on 0433 999 350

In fact, in many municipalities, water restrictions mean that automated garden watering systems are actually mandatory, given that manual watering can waste a lot of water and also puts a lot of pressure on the water supply system on the weekends. An automated system can divide out the water use far more consistently and steadily, and also in a far more efficient manner, meaning that the water supplies in the local area are handled far more steadily.

Before you decide on an automated garden watering system, make sure your yard can support being dug up. If it’s not far until you hit rock, there might not be enough topsoil depth to support a system. Also check with your municipal codes and even your homeowner’s association when applicable to find out local rules.