One of the more obvious benefits associated with choosing landscaping for your garden is the visual appeal you can enjoy throughout the year. However, there happen to be a number of other advantages in regards to garden landscaping that you may not be aware of.

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Energy Conservation

Many homeowners are aware that a garden that has been landscaped by expert landscape contractors and gardeners is able to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. This is due to the fact that during winter months the shrubs, grass, hedges and trees are able to protect the home from harsh winds, while taking advantage of the winter-sun. In summer the hedges and trees are able to absorb heat, while helping to maintain a cooler home.

A Home For Wildlife

Adding hedges, trees, plants, grass and shrubs to a landscaped garden has the ability to attract wildlife like squirrels, insects and birds. If you add in any extras such as a bird table into your garden you are able to attract more animals. Natural landscapes are a haven for a number of wildlife species as it provides a natural food supply and shelter from a number of predators.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

Property experts and estate agents always advise that well-landscaped gardens are able to increase the current value of a home in a dramatic way. In many cases a beautiful garden is able to increase your home’s value in more ways than a newly decorated kitchen or bathroom can. For this reason it is definitely worthwhile to hire a landscaping contractor before you decide to put your home on the market.

Environmental Benefits Of A Managed Landscape

• Natural Coolant

Grass is far cooler when compared to cement or asphalt. It performs like a type of “air-conditioner” for the surrounding areas. A lawn is in fact around 31 degrees cooler when compared to a material such as asphalt and about 20 degrees cooler when compared to bare soil. In addition, shade from trees can decrease the temperature in your attic by 40 degrees.

• Environmental Cleaner

Grass also play an important role in the way of capturing smoke and dust particles along with other types of pollutants. It also produces a significant amount of oxygen.

• Water Protector

A healthy lawn has the ability to absorb runoff that is unhealthy that might filter into other water bodies.

• Air Cleaner

Grass readily absorbs carbon-dioxide which it breaks down to carbon and oxygen. A 50′ x 50′ lawn is able to produce sufficient amounts of oxygen for a family of up to 4 people.

• Noise Reduction

Plants, shrubs and grass dramatically decreases noise pollution by around 20 to 30 percent compared to harder surfaces such as pavements and concrete.

Even in the locations that experience drought and water restrictions, it is vital that landscapes and lawn stay a component that is highly viable within healthy communities. Today there are various practices that are sustainable that allow for managed landscapes and lawns to decrease water usage while at the same time offering vital environmental benefits.

Is An Automated Garden Watering System Right For Your Gold Coast Home?

Owning a home is an integral part of the Australian dream. You get to put down roots, probably in a neighborhood, but certainly on your own land. Whether it’s a starter home or your forever home, you’re likely going to be where you’re at for quite some time, hopefully years to come. You get to customize your residence to fit your needs, dreams, ideals, and lifestyle, and you get to do so without throwing away money every month to rent or leasing. You’re either clawing your way towards having a home that is paid off, or at least increasing your equity to use later.

There’s more to caring for and enjoying your home than just the interior though. You likely want to take good care of the land surrounding it. While some homeowners just let things go totally natural, this can lead to a very cluttered look that isn’t always appealing. In fact, unchecked natural growth can invite in unwanted pests and animals and possibly even let plants grow to the point they start messing with your home’s foundation, gutters, or walkways and windows. Maintaining landscaping goes a long way towards coming home to something that looks great on the outside, perhaps giving you an outdoor space for you or your kids to enjoy.

Choosing the right layout and plants are keys to a great yard area, but then they might need watered on a regular basis in order to stay alive, much less healthy. This is particularly true if you live in a region prone to droughts or you have chosen to plant vegetation that is not native to the area and not used to climate more arid than where it is natively from.

You can water things on your own from time to time, but gauging how much water to use is very hard to eyeball, and the task is also time-consuming. An automated garden watering system might be just the thing that lets you make sure your garden plants get the moisture they need without you have to worry about checking on them all the time. That’s very beneficial when you travel or even when you’re not home much during the week. For more information about maintaining your gardens in tip top shape contact the team at Gold Coast Irrigation on 0433 999 350

In fact, in many municipalities, water restrictions mean that automated garden watering systems are actually mandatory, given that manual watering can waste a lot of water and also puts a lot of pressure on the water supply system on the weekends. An automated system can divide out the water use far more consistently and steadily, and also in a far more efficient manner, meaning that the water supplies in the local area are handled far more steadily.

Before you decide on an automated garden watering system, make sure your yard can support being dug up. If it’s not far until you hit rock, there might not be enough topsoil depth to support a system. Also check with your municipal codes and even your homeowner’s association when applicable to find out local rules.

Last Modified on June 4, 2020
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